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What has the Chamber done for business in Basehor?

The Chamber has worked with the City administration to develop objectives that promote economic, residential and business development. 

Why should I be a Chamber member?

Businesses that work together toward a common goal will prosper more than working alone toward individual goals. When the team prospers, the players prosper. 

What are the benefits of joining the Chamber?

The Chamber offers a wide variety of benefits that provide a direct return on investment. These member benefits include opportunities for networking with other business owners and government leaders, numerous ways to promote your business, and programs to improve your bottom line.

Why should I get involved in the Chamber?

Actually you don’t have to get involved at all. You can pay your dues, utilize the benefits, and be perfectly content. But, the truth is, the more involved you are the greater the benefit. Being involved enables you to build relationships that will be priceless to you for years both personally and professionally.

How do I join the Basehor Chamber of Commerce?

You may join the Chamber simply by filling out a Membership Application, which you can download from our web site or contact the Chamber at 913-724-9000.

How can I get involved in Chamber activities and projects?

The Basehor Chamber of Commerce has monthly meetings as well as committees and activities in which members may participate or get involved. You may request more details by calling the Chamber at 913-724-9000 or by submitting an email to info@basehorchamber.org.

Can my business sponsor Chamber events?

Yes. The Chamber provides many events throughout the year that are excellent sponsorship opportunities for member businesses. These events include coffees, after-hours mixers and the annual golf tournament. To request more information or to sponsor an event you can contact the Chamber at 913-724-9000 or submit it to info@basehorchamber.org.

How can I find out more information about Chamber events?

The best way to learn about Chamber events is through our online Calendar of Events. You can also get information about monthly events from the monthly Community Calendar.

Can I bring a guest to Chamber events?

Yes. As a Chamber member you may bring a guest with you to any Chamber event.

Can a link to my company’s site be placed on the Chamber website?

Yes. Links to Chamber member sites are found in the online Membership Directory and are a benefit of Chamber membership. If you would like to add your website address or email to your listing, you can submit it to info@basehorchamber.org.

How do I change my Membership Directory listing information?

You may request changes to your membership listing by calling the Chamber at 913-724-9000 or you can submit it to info@basehorchamber.org.

How do I submit press releases to the Chamber for publication in the Members News Section?

Send releases to info@basehorchamber.org

Why does the Chamber charge money for some of its events?

The Chamber offers a wide spectrum of benefits at no charge as part of your membership. Some programs require a nominal fee in order to be self-sustaining and not impact the price of the basic membership.

What types of companies join the Chamber?

The Chamber represents small, medium and large businesses. Our membership reflects the diversity of our community as a whole. We represent the interests of all business types from for-profit and non-profit businesses to sole-proprietors. All share a common vision to continue to find ways to help Basehor’s susiness sustain, grow and expand. 

Join today and invest in the future success of your business, the business community and help us shape Basehor’s economic future!