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8201 E 34th St Cir N
Suite 1501
Wichita, KS 67226

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(312) 712-6020

Kansas Fiber Network, LLC (KsFiberNet), provides wholesale Internet and data transport services to regional and national carriers, rural telephone companies, as well as government, medical, education, banking, and community anchor institutions using a state-of-the-art 100G fiber network. Chartered in 2009 by 29 independent rural Kansas telephone companies, KsFiberNet is Kansas owned plus provides local service and support. Covering 4000+ miles, KsFiberNet has the best Ethernet coverage of any carrier in the state.

KsFiberNet is continually improving our connectivity map by weaving the lines of communication throughout Kansas. We have laid countless miles of fiber optic cable so rural and urban communities can connect across Kansas and with the nation.

Partnering with local access providers allows us to provide an unrivaled reach throughout Kansas and surrounding states.

KsFiberNet provides reliable, flexible Ethernet and transport long haul, dedicated internet access, and wireless backhaul across the state on our 4,000-plus-mile backbone fiber network.

KsFiberNet operates a 100G statewide backbone for wholesale and enterprise customers and offers the best Ethernet coverage of any carrier in Kansas.

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